Watch Dogs Crack



Set in Chicago, where a central network of computers connects everyone and everything, Watch Dogs Crack explores the impact of technology within our society. Using the city as your weapon, you will embark on a personal mission to inflict your own brand of justice.

Chicago's overarching network is known as the Central Operating System (ctOS), and it controls almost all of the city's technology and information - including key data on all of the city's residents.

In Watch Dogs Crack, you play as Aiden Pearce, a brilliant hacker and former thug, whose criminal past led to a violent family tragedy. While seeking justice for those events, you'll monitor and hack those around you by manipulating the ctOS from the palm of your hand. You'll access omnipresent security cameras, download personal information to locate a target, control traffic lights and public transportation to stop the enemy... and more.

Watch Dogs Crack takes place in a fully simulated living city. Using Aiden's smartphone, you have real-time control over the city's infrastructure. Trap your enemy in a 30-car pileup by manipulating the traffic lights. Stop a train, and then board it to evade the authorities. Narrowly escape capture by quickly raising a drawbridge. Anything connected to the ctOS can become your weapon.

Luckily, Aiden won't always need to traverse Chicago's streets on foot. Ubisoft Montreal has partnered with studios such as Ubisoft Reflections, the acclaimed team behind the award-winning Driver series, to provide a suite of vehicles bursting with horsepower. You'll get behind the wheel of more than 65 cars – each with state-of-the-art physics and handling – to explore Chicago's vast and intricate roadways.

Not only does Watch Dogs give you the ability to take advantage of the ctOS, it also allows you to explore the many layers of Chicago itself. Cut through buildings, scale rooftops, and explore the city's dangerous underground to catch your target


Watch Dogs Crack

System Requirements



- CPU : Pentium 4 3.2 Ghz, Pentium D 2.66 Ghz AMD Athlon 64 3500+ or better
- Video card : NVIDIA 6800 / ATIX1650 or better
- Shader Model 3 required
- 256 Mb of graphic memory
- Memory : 1 GB
- Media reader : DVD-ROM
- Hard drive space : 12 GB or higher


- CPU : Intel Core 2 Duo Family AMD64 X2 5200+, AMD Phenom or better
- Video card : NVIDIA 8600 GTS / ATIX1900 or better
- 512 Mb of graphic memory
- Memory : 2 GB
- Sound: 5.1 sound card
- Media reader : DVD-ROM
- Hard drive space : 13 GB or higher